Financial Planning SMSF Services through Cornerstone Financial Planning


To continually earn the right to be of service and further develop your trust, at Cornerstone Financial Planning we:


  • Assist you achieve your SMSF objectives.
  • Build, maintain and preserve your SMSF wealth toward retirement and beyond.
  • Provide you with objective financial planning and investment advice.
  • Provide on-going advice on investments spreads & asset allocation.
  • Discussions on Limited Recourse Lending strategies, ie borrowing to invest in property or shares.
  • Assistance with trustee compliance
  • Prepare Investment and Risk Management Strategies
  • Reviews of your portfolio including valuations and pro-active investment advice
  • Synergise your financial and lifestyle issues
  • Discuss your personal and investment expectations
  • Explain how we will maintain contact with you and the service levels that you can expect.
  • Take time to listen to your needs and how you feel about what you want.
  • Adopt a long term strategy that will provide you with solutions to take care of you in the future.
  • Remain proactive, not set-and-forget.
  • Provide life insurance risk management solutions within your SMSF
  • Confirm your understanding of your needs and expectations in writing.
  • Help you understanding what you are buying.
  • Are up front about fees and charges.