What is an SMSF limited recourse borrowing arrangement?


An SMSF limited recourse borrowing arrangement typically involves an SMSF taking out a loan from a third party lender or from a related party, such as a member of the fund. The SMSF then uses the loan, together with its own available funds, to purchase a single asset (normally a residential or commercial property) that is held in a separate trust.


The SMSF trustee acquires a beneficial interest in the asset with the trustee of the separate trust being the legal owner of the asset. The SMSF trustee has a right to acquire legal ownership of the asset by making one or more payments.  Any investment income received from the asset goes to the SMSF and if the SMSF defaults on the loan, the lender’s rights are limited to the asset held in the separate trust. This means there is no recourse to the other assets held in the SMSF.