A Charter of Ethics for Your Security


In any aspect of business and personal life where you employ a professional to provide advice, you need to be sure their standards and credentials are exemplary. If this is true of your legal, accounting and medical advisers, one would apply the same standards to your Financial Planner.


Cornerstone's success and reputation has been enhanced by the endorsement of the Financial Planning Association's Code of Ethics along with the ethics associated with earning the CFP designation (Certified Financial Planner) and the CFS designation (Certified Financial Strategist) and maintaining membership as a Tax (Financial) Adviser through the Tax Practitioners Board


These standards include:

  • Integrity - High standards of honesty and integrity in conducting business and in the provision of financial planning services.
  • Objectivity - Disclosure to the client of any limitations on the ability to provide objective advice.
  • Competence - Providing competent advice by maintaining necessary knowledge and skill.
  • Fairness - Ensuring that all advice be fair and reasonable at all times.
  • Diligence - That we act with due skill, care and diligence in the provision of advice.
  • Professionalism - Adhering to the highest standards of professional conduct at all times.
  • Confidentiality - Maintaining discretion and confidentiality in all clients’ affairs.
  • Compliance - That we comply with the constitution of FPA, the FPA's regulations and professional standards.


Our Code of Ethics


  • To Provide professional and appropriate advice to our clients.
  • To at all times treat clients' affairs in the strictest of confidence.
  • To work continuously to improve our professional skills and education in all aspects of investment planning, and keep abreast of changing conditions affecting our clients' financial circumstances.
  • To consult with others, where additional professional services or knowledge is in the clients' best interest.
  • To maintain the highest possible standards of personal and professional conduct.