We prefer bridges to walls.


Apart from the infuriating bureaucracy of dealing with a financial institution, you’ll also run into the brick wall of a passing parade of planners. Meaning every couple of years, you’ll need to re-brief a fresh, forgettable face.


With Cornerstone, however, Selwyn Favish provides a constant bridge between your past and your future. It’s what he’s been doing for over 30 years for all our clients (many, now introducing their children). So, we really get to know you.


With regular contact, Selwyn will note your life changes and respond with new suggestions and advice. After all, there’s a massive difference between starting out in business and managing its maturity. The same goes for individuals. Just as no single strategy could possibly cover everybody, there’s no way the financial plan we’d write at your first pay cheque would remain unchanged all the way to your retirement, with all the unpredictable events life throws up along the way.