Privacy Policy


The privacy of your personal information in important to us.


We collect your personal information to ensure that we are able to provide you with the products and services appropriate to your needs.


Financial Planning is the exercise of:

  • Understanding a client’s financial goals.
  • Gathering all the details of a client’s financial position.
  • Analysing all the issues and options, which will form the basis of any recommendations.
  • The adviser will then provide advice and a recommendation, whilst also making all the required disclosures.
  • The client then needs to agree with the advice to allow the adviser to implement all actions required to achieve the client’s financial goals.
  • The adviser and the client will then need to agree as to what level of further review and action is required to ensure the advice and recommendations continue to achieve all identified financial goals.


The process of providing financial advice may seem simple, but it is the result of carefully gathering all the right details in assessing a client’s financial goals. It is achieved by gathering data through completion of a Fact Finder. This will help identify what is relevant and also helps to prioritise any action required.


We aim to ensure that the personal information that we retain about you is accurate, complete and up to date. If you provide us with incomplete or inaccurate information, we may not be able to provide you with the products or services you are seeking. The law can also require us to collect personal information e.g. The Corporations Act requires us to identify people’s needs, objectives and financial circumstances to be able to provide advice.



You may (subject to permitted exceptions) access your information by contacting us. Please direct access requests to the Compliance Manager. We may charge a fee to providing access.


We may need to communicate personal information to: 

  • Your other professional advisors and external product providers.
  • Other members of Cornerstone Financial Planning Pty Ltd. This enables the Group to have an integrated view of its customers and clients.
  • Organisations (who are bound by strict confidentiality) to whom we outsource certain functions such as our auditors. In these circumstances, information will only be used for our purposes.
  • Other professionals such as solicitors, accountants; and stockbrokers when a referral is required
  • Third parties when required by law eg. Under Court Order.


Our Privacy Policy

Cornerstone Financial Planning has adopted the principles set out in the Privacy (Private Sector) Amendment Act 2000 as part of our continuing commitment to client service and maintenance to client confidentiality. For further details please contact the responsible officer Selwyn Favish on 03 9818 5011.